Video Insights

They say a picture value is more than thousand words then how can we make it more than just a thousand? How about recording it Ala cameraman? This kind of activity doesn’t just make memories stagnant but memories rekindled and remembering every actions you have done.

Celebrations anticipated not often times like Wedding, Anniversary or your 5th Birthday. These days are not often celebrated and most of the time it only happens once. Then how can we remember and cherish it more. Human’s easily forget all the details as we all age and lose  our physical and mental attributes.

When you finally settled and set your back to watch Television. Don’t you want to watch made memories through videos and playback? When you reminisce you already cry and smile? Then how much more if we can replay it back.
Just as in the movies if you miss a beat, thankfully you can rewind it back.

In today’s internet age, this is not impossible. Phone’s are now made smarter and compatible and memory bytes are so compact compared to the year 90s. Doesn’t taking video helps us in many ways? Not only in capturing memory but helps us boost understanding.  Some teachers allow them to be shot by a camera so you can study the lesson again and again to understand. This article wants to help maximize the use of video to make us the best out of it.